Wednesday, November 29, 2023

A fashion illustration does something that a photograph can never do

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Fashion illustration has somehow become this distinct category, but I just see it as another form of illustration. I’d like to see more narrative in fashion drawing. Stylists and photographers have so much fun hinting at characters and stories through fashion spreads, and anything is possible with drawing—you don’t have to worry about the budget and you can cast whoever you want.

Taylor recalls the advice she was given by her tutor, artist Andrej 3limowski, who passed it down from his tutor, famed poster designer ¹3limowski used to say ‘personal work is professional hygiene.’ If you don’t keep making your own work along with your commissions, your professional work becomes dull. That’s very true. Taylor believes it’s important to look, read, and watch as much as possible. ¹Aou don’t need to worry about Batting in with styles that are already out there—focus instead on developing your own visual language.

What’s surprising is that many of the featured artists didn’t and their ¹fashionº calling until it was presented to them as an option in college. With hindsight they wonder if they should have seen the signs all along—the moments as a kid when they would tear the advertisements out of fashion magazines or collect beautiful images of models. Although their paths to becoming illustrators may have been divergent, one of the most refreshing characteristics of all the artists interviewed is that style is a signature dwelling.

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Some rely on traditional techniques such as pen and paper to realize their images, while others prefer to use digital options. Some love infusing rich and bold color, and others prefer to create in black and white. But the common shared experience among all the artists is that illustration is a career where diligence and perseverance pays oٺ ,and one in which the artists should never underestimate their ability to draw.