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What is a Big-Rig?

A Big-rig is a truck specifically designed for transporting heavy loads. These trucks have many features that make them able to pull massive trailers and load weights up to 80,000 pounds.

Why Do You Need One?

This is an extremely versatile type of vehicle that is able to haul a wide variety of cargo; however, they do not perform well on steep hills. A big rig works best at lower speeds. However, these vehicles are great for hauling anything that is too heavy to fit inside a smaller trailer. These types of rigs are used heavily throughout the construction industry.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of a big rig varies greatly based on its size, brand, and how old it is. Newer rigs will tend to cost less than older models, while larger ones will cost more. Most of the cost comes down to what kind of equipment the driver has installed. There are some cheaper options out there that don’t offer advanced safety features, but don’t skimp on things like anti-lock brakes either. Other things that affect price include the number of axles, wheelbase, length, and width. Big Rig World

Where Can I Find a Big-Rig Dealer?

There are quite a few online stores where you can find a big rig dealer near you. If you want to go the DIY way, then you can contact local carriers directly and ask if they offer any sort of referral program.

How Should I Handle My Delivery Truck?

Driving a big rig isn’t as simple as driving a regular car. Because the weight is distributed evenly across the entire frame, it’s important to keep your tires inflated properly and check the tread periodically. Also, be sure to follow state laws regarding hours behind the wheel.

Safety Tips

If you’re going to use a big rig, then you need to prepare yourself for the task ahead of time. First of all, practice backing the vehicle out of tight spaces, so you know what it feels like before you actually try it out. Next, learn how to control the steering wheels using only the hand throttle, and don’t forget to always wear your seatbelt! Finally, you should always maintain a safe distance between the front and back of the vehicle.

Big rigs have been around for ages. However, in recent times they have become much safer for drivers due to many advancements being made in technology.

In order to make big rigs safe for driving, many safety features were added to them. These safety devices help prevent accidents from happening. The most commonly used safety features that are mounted on big trucks are:

– Air horns

– Crash sensors

– Lane change warning systems

– Rear view cameras

– Tire pressure monitors

– LED lights

– GPS tracking systems

When it comes to the size of a big rig, they vary depending on what type of vehicle they are. There is a wide range of sizes for big rigs. Some of these sizes include:

– 10′ – 16′ truck trailers

– 18′ – 30′ tractor trailer combinations

– 40′ – 60′ flatbed trucks

– 70′ – 100′ box trucks

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