Wednesday, November 29, 2023

How to make your product packaging stand out from the competition

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Packaging is one of the most important aspects of any product. It’s what customers see when they first encounter your product, and it can be the deciding factor in whether or not they decide to buy it. So how do you make sure your packaging stands out from the competition?

You want your packaging to grab attention and stand out from the sea of other products on the shelves. And one of the best ways to do that is with stickers!

Stickers are a great way to add personality and style to your packaging, and they can also be used to convey important information about your product. Here are a few tips from a top vinyl sticker printer on how to make your packaging stand out:

1. Use stickers to add personality to your packaging

One of the best ways to add personality to your product packaging is with custom stickers. They can be used to add playful designs or sophisticated patterns, and they can help make your packaging more memorable and eye-catching.

Ordering custom stickers online means that you can create your perfect branding tool. You can submit your own design, choose any material you want and decide on the shape, size and quantity that works for you.

2. Use stickers to design a unique, eye-catching artwork for your packaging

This step can often feel intimidating, but it can absolutely turn stickers into your secret marketing weapon. The option to create your own artwork means you do not have to settle for middle-of-the-road designs.

Many sticker printing businesses offer free online design tools with pre-made templates and elements. You can browse and edit these graphic design templates until you are 100% happy with them and hit print.

3. Use stickers to make your packaging more environmentally friendly

Stickers that are eco-friendly? How does that work? Well, the sticker industry has developed and is no longer all plastic. Instead, you can get custom stickers made from sustainable sources that are compostable.

This opens new doors when it comes to product presentation and marketing. Especially if your brand already uses biodegradable materials, such stickers are ideal for you to share your values with customers.

4. Use stickers to create a sense of urgency or exclusivity around your product

Whether you’re running a special promotion or simply want to create buzz around your brand, strategically placed effect stickers can effectively get customers excited about your product. Make your product line stand out by investing into a shimmering holographic sticker.

These stickers can be used to communicate to customers that they need to act fast if they want to get their hands on your product. That is the psychology behind a simple limited edition sticker – the perfect way to create urgency and exclusivity for the price of a single sticker.

So what are you waiting for? Think outside the box and start using stickers to make your product packaging stand out today! Which tip are you going to action right away? Let us know in the comments.