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How to personalise your new house

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There are many benefits to purchasing a new-build home. Modern building methods mean greater energy efficiency, so your heating bills will be half as much as they would be for a Victorian house. There’s no need for you to save up for expensive repairs either, as modern homes have warranties attached to them. Property experts including estate agents in Sittingbourne buying new means you can choose properties with the latest features and of course, you’re not tied down with an onward chain to worry about. It’s reassuring to know that your new home is under a 10-year new-build warranty. This means it’ll be protected by the NHBC Foundation if anything goes wrong with the building, its installation or its fixtures and fittings.

Prioritise and organise

Organising your moving house is a lot harder than you may expect, as there are just so many possessions to go through. What’s more, many of us experience clutter fatigue, which means it’s all too easy to fall into the trap of keeping everything we can in the hope that it may come in useful in the future! But if you’re moving into a new home and have limited space packed with all those belongings you’ll need to say goodbye to some items – and we know how hard it is to do that.

Declutter and refine

Moving into your first home is a sure sign that you’re ready to settle down and start a family. Taking this step should also enable you to feel like a more mature, adult individual at last — it’s even worth celebrating with a champagne toast! Enhancing the maturity of your home’s style can help drive this feeling: start by removing any garish or childish decorations and replacing them with elegant, refined ones. Within each room, shop for items that are all in the same colour scheme and have similar features for a cohesive look; e.g., if you purchase kitchenware, complete the set by also adding tableware, place settings and decorations. If your first home was an apartment, these steps will help develop the maturity of your home’s style enough that when you do buy a house, your decor will have matured enough to fit naturally into the space there.

Control the urge to spend more than you intend

If you purchased inexpensive furniture when you were first starting off, you probably don’t love it in the years that have passed. However, buying high-quality furniture can be very pricey and since you probably won’t know what style is perfect for your home until you’ve lived there for a few years, why not save money by purchasing cheaper furniture sets and investing in a high-quality upgrade later? When you’re ready to buy new furniture for your living room, dining room or bedroom, you are naturally going to be looking at some fairly expensive pieces of furniture. It can cost several thousand dollars for that perfect couch or chaise lounge. So instead of buying those more expensive placeholders, such as a table, chair or even a coffee table, trade-up with lower-cost placeholders – lamps and books, for example.

Try DIY decors

Making design changes doesn’t always require you to spend thousands on new furniture and decor. Swap out existing kitchen cabinets with decorative knobs, paint grubby walls, or apply wallpaper to the inside of dresser drawers. Replace plug socket or light switch covers with ones in a unique style, or use stencils or a stencilling kit to apply paint in interesting patterns onto plain wooden side tables. It’s these smaller upgrades that can make a massive difference in the overall look of your home without the hefty price tag attached to them. Don’t always rush out to buy everything new when it comes to decorating your home. Often small, simple and inexpensive updates are the best way to makeover your space with minimal impact on your wallet.

Grab attention

Creating a feeling of warmth in any room of your home can be difficult. However, adding simple touches like cushions, rugs and artificial plants are easy ways to do so. Cushions are perfect for dotting around on sofas or chairs to add some colour and texture to your decor, while a selection of small cushions can be used in place of one large piece – and remember, a mix and match approach is more playful (and more effortless). Fashion-forward and stylish, the accents in a room have a huge impact on its feel. Floor cushions and throws are cosy pieces that can be used for napping or lounging but have the added bonus of being easy to change up or clean. Curtains and rugs are easy ways to spruce up a room – even if you aren’t quite ready to repaint or add wallpaper. And plants bring life and energy into any space – from a desk or bookshelf to countertops.

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