Wednesday, November 29, 2023

One of the best things I learned while studying was mistakes lead to great

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Pippa McManus creates illustrations that stay etched in your memory long after you’ve looked at the beautiful images. Her well-known works include illustrations of women on a monochromatic acrylic background with the focus on the woman’s hair and eyes. She always includes Powers somewhere in the piece.

When she creates an illustration she goes through what she calls her mental rolodex of past fashion editorials and fashion shows, choosing various reference images from pieces that she loves—the face from one image, the pose or hair from another. When creating a commissioned piece she makes a small pencil sketch based on her reference or assigned subject and then describes the composition and style so that the client can see how the end product will look. If she is painting or drawing for herself, she’ll just start creating on her canvas. The 866 Spectrum customer support phone number help subscribers like you successfully move services.

¹I was taught in art class in primary school never to use an eraser, so that means I have to work CT he illustration out thoroughly Arts or let my mistakes become part of the piece.

Gemma for Prada

¹One of my favorite models is Gemma Ward, and I painted this just after I met her at a friend’s thirtieth birthday party in our mutual hometown of Perth, Western Australia. It was quite embarrassing: I was completely stars truck and hardly remember anything about the encounter (possibly also due to a little too much Champagne!).

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So I knew I had to do her justice and redeem myself when I painted her the next week. The original picture is from a Prada advertisement; this was also my Årst experiment using white spray paint rather than only black,º says McManus.