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OSRS Money Making Guide

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This guide contains money making methods in Old School Runescape. The easiest and quickest way acquire gold is by buying OSRS Gold at an online store, but if you want to farm yourself, here are your opportunities:

Killing Grotesque Guardians

Grotesque guardians is a fairly easy slayer boss that takes place in an instance. This boss consistently drops alchable items which makes them always profitable. Here are the requirements and recommendations:

  • 75 Slayer
  • 90+ Attack
  • 90+ Strength
  • 70+ DefenceUnknown Man
  • 70+ Prayer
  • Completion of the quest “Priest in Peril”
  • Brittle Key
  • Gargoyle slayer task

To kill the boss you will need both ranged and melee attacks:

  • Abyssal whip or better melee weapon
  • Crystal halberd/Saradomin godsword/Dragon claws for special attack
  • Slayer helmet (i)
  • Toxic blowpipe with amethyst darts
  • Any melee armour (ideally power armour such as bandos)
  • Any ranged armour

GP/H: 870K – Slayer EXP/H: 32K

Hunting Black Chinchompas

Black chinchompas are the highest tier chinchompas a player can hunt. They are used for gaining the fastest ranged experience in the game so they are always in demand. To do this method here is what you need toonily:

  • Level 80+ Hunter
  • Level 43+ Prayer
  • 6 box traps
  • Completion of the quest “Eagles’ Peak”
  • Food, potions, a one click teleport out, steel darts

As this is in the Wilderness do not bring any items that you don’t want to lose and also bank every 100 chins or so.

GP/H: 870K – EXP/H: 94K

Killing Lizardman Shamans

Lizard shamans drop one of the best PVM items in the game, being the dragon warhammer. Aside from that, they consistently drop alchable items so even if you get unlucky you will still be making money. Here are the requirements and recommendations:

  • 85+ Ranged
  • 74+ Prayer
  • Completion of the quest “Dwarf Cannon” for dwarven multicannon.
  • 100% Shayzien favour for armour and locations.
  • Kourend hard diaries if on slayer task.

You can choose to kill them with ranged or melee. Either one of them is fine but ranged makes it easier as you are standing far away from the targets and can easily dodge their attacks.

  • Full Shayzien armour
  • Slayer helmet (i) if on slayer task and if the hard diaries are completed
  • Toxic blowpipe with amethyst darts
  • Neckalce of anguish
  • Any blessing
  • Ring of the gods (i)

Cleaning Grimy Ranarr Weed

For this method you need a huge capital but the method itself doesn’t take any work at all since you will be cleaning herbs with a spell.

  • 50 Herblore
  • 70 Magic
  • Completion of the quest “A Kingdom Divided” for the spell.
  • Staff of earth

GP/H: 830K

Making Kwuarm Potions

This method will not yield any experience but it will make you a decent bit of profit. The process and the requirements are pretty simple:

  • 55 Herblore
  • 6M+ Gold
  • Completion of the quest “Druidic Ritual”
  • 4,000 Kwuarm potions
  • 4,000 Vials of water

Withdraw 14 of each of the ingredients and mix them together and repeat this for the entire hour.

GP/H: 875K

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