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Top 20 Commonly Asked MBA Interview Questions

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A personal interview round in MBA admission is the most crucial stage. Prepare well for your MBA interview with these top 20 most commonly asked questions.

In a Master of Business Administration program, students learn business-related disciplines to develop their careers in business and management. As the final step in the application process, the MBA interview is your chance to explain why the B-school admits you to their MBA program. Knowing the interviewer’s questions is an excellent way to prepare for an in-depth interview.

Read further to learn the top twenty commonly asked MBA interview questions and MBA interview tips.

MBA Admission Interview Questions

Knowing MBA interview tips can help you prepare for an MBA admission interview.

The following are the top twenty MBA admission interview questions. And some of these questions may be asked as interview questions for MBA freshers.

1. Tell me about yourself.

This question is fundamental since it forms your first impression of the interviewer. To sway the interview in your favour, mention all your strengths and interests. Also, make sure to say as many points that aren’t already on your resume.

2. In your graduation degree, why did you choose XYZ?

Your interviewer is interested in your academic background and answers this question about how academics can help you with the MBA course. In this way, they can better understand your mindset.

3. Why MBA or B-school?

Describe your motivation for pursuing an MBA. Explain how getting an MBA will help you achieve your long-term career goals.

4. Why did you choose this business school or MBA program?

Answer this question by doing enough research. Show them that you genuinely care about their program and that it’s the best fit for you.

5. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

In this question, they find how you view certain qualities as strengths or weaknesses. Stating your strengths is easy, but the main goal is to find out what you think of them. Identifying your weaknesses and what you do to overcome them is essential.

6. What will you contribute to our program if we accept you? Why should we take you?

Let the school know how your strengths and qualities complement its policies and motives. Interviewers are interested in whether you are a good fit for the school as a person.

7. How does your current job make you feel?

Describe what you like about your job role and what you want about your job. Explain how you will benefit from the experience you gained from this job. Explain how doing specific tasks realise you wish to pursue an MBA.

8. How do you envision your short- and long-term future?

Describe your short-term goals and how you will achieve them. Include things you can accomplish immediately. While passions and interests make your long-term goals, consider the contribution an MBA could make.

9. What are the benefits of getting an MBA for your career?

Answer this question clearly since this determines why you want to do it. Describe your long-term goals as well.

10. Could you describe a time when you played the role of a leader?

You should expect the interviewer to ask about your leadership experience. It is a good idea to keep specific examples in mind, such as

  • Leading a youth group,
  • Organising an excursion with your colleagues, or
  • Even managing a team.

11. Recent events-related questions

Stay up-to-date on current events here. Be impartial, and do not take a very biassed stance.

12. What kind of teamwork do you have? Explain.

Building a team and being supportive are just as important as leadership skills. Remember to give specific examples here as well.

13. What is your colleagues’/supervisor’s/friends’ opinion of you?

Be sure to highlight both your professional and personal qualities. Usually, if they mention a supervisor, it is the person who wrote your recommendation letter. Put yourself in a positive light here.

14. In what ways do you make use of the resources available to you?

Despite its repetition, this question is very different from “Why this school?”. Due to the specific nature of this question, you will need to do a lot more research about the department and its resources. Unless you have done your research correctly, the admission committee will be able to dismiss you.

15. Which academic experience has been the most challenging and rewarding for you?

Here you can mention your school or college experiences and why they were so important. Once again, mention all your accomplishments in school or college and how you resolve conflicts.

16. Have you applied to any other B-schools?

That’s a tricky question. Describe some of the schools you’re applying to and why you chose them. Refrain from showing a preference for one school over another.

17. When did you have an incompetent manager, and how did you deal with it?

It’s very tricky again. This question should not be framed as an incompetent statement but rather as an explanation of why your manager behaved this way and how you handled him non-aggressively.

18. What will be your biggest challenge if you get admission into our MBA course?

This question is difficult to answer since you’re pointing out the flaws of the program to you’re seeking admission. Please indicate what the challenge is and how you plan to overcome it.

19. Tell us about a professional failure you have experienced. What did you do to overcome it?

They can better understand your personality by asking questions like these. Explain what lesson you learned from the situation by portraying yourself with imperfections.

20. Have you got any questions for me?

Another very commonly asked question. Even if it isn’t necessary, you should ask a few questions. However, refrain from asking meaningless questions or questions whose answers are readily available online.

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People Also Ask

What are the basic questions asked in an MBA interview?

Listed below are the basic MBA interview questions.

  • Tell me a little about yourself.
  • Why did you decide to earn an MBA degree?
  • Why do you want to attend this business school?
  • Why should we accept you?
  • Describe your achievements as a leader.
  • In what ways you are strong and weak?
  • Do you enjoy any aspects of your current job?

What are the most asked questions in an interview?

The following are the most asked interview questions.

  • Tell about yourself
  • Why this company?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Where do you envision yourself in five years?

What are some easy interview questions?

Given below are some easy interview questions.

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • What made you want to apply for this position?
  • Why are you interested in working here?
  • What made you decide to apply for this job?

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